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Mocha Origins Coffee

Gishr Cascara Syrup


Did you know the coffee "bean" is actually the seed of the coffee fruit cherry? Normally, the juicy red cover of the coffee cherry is thrown away, since it's the seeds we're after.

Coffee beans are seeds from within the coffee fruit cherry, the juicy red cover that is usually discarded in coffee production. The fragrant and delicious fruit is packed full of antioxidants (8x more than blueberries), which can be used to make mocha syrup for coffee that brings welcome sweetness to any cup. A specialty extract house in Kyoto Japan produces this delicate mix that offers a versatile range of uses in cocktails, desserts, or as iced coffee syrup on sweltering summer days. Get your fix and subdue your sweet tooth with every delightful dollop! 

■ Product details
・ Product name: Gishr Cascara Syrup
・ Production area: Loas
・ Processing method: washed  (wet method)
* You can choose from sizes 180ml, 300ml, 710ml.

■ Shipping
In case of ordering with other coffees, it will take 3 days for fresh Roasting per order. If ordered alone, it will shipped immediately after order. 

■ Inquiries
Please use the form on the CONTACT page or call us (English and Japanese is acceptable).
[Telephone number] +81-070-4715-6351 (Reception hours 10: 00-18: 00, closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

We paid particular attention to the production area (farm) and freshness.
Enjoy Yemen's rare specialty coffee.



・ Cascara syrup: 3 and a half tablespoons
・ Lemon juice: 1 teaspoon
・ Hot water: 1 mug (approx. 150cc)

[How to make]
① Put lemon juice in a mug.
② Pour hot water
③ Add cascara syrup and stir to finish.



・ Cascara syrup: 3 and a half tablespoons
・ Milk: 1 mug (approx. 150cc)
・ Cinnamon (powder): Appropriate amount

[How to make]
① Warm the milk. (Microwave is OK)
② Add cascara syrup and stir.
③ Add the desired amount of cinnamon and stir gently to finish.