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The creator of this coffee, Ezzi has been cultivating coffee with open-minded determination, believing that one day the quality of the ancient coffee varieties Jadi and Dawaili (both ancient Typica) will once again be recognized around the world.

Although production is still low, his steady efforts have enabled him to expand his farm little by little.

The neighboring non-coffee farmers have seen that coffee cultivation can also be a good source of income, and coffee cultivation has been expanding due to his influence.

The farm is located next to the farm of ABDULKAREEM of the SUPER RARE series, and he also teaches coffee cultivation to his neigbouring farmers.

One of the characteristics of Yemeni coffee is that even neighboring farms produce coffee with completely different flavors.

Each farmer's coffee beans are unique, even among Yemeni coffees.
We hope that you will see the farmer's photo and enjoy his coffee.

■ Flavor
Bordeaux Red Wine
Musk aroma
Bright acidity

■ Product details
・ Product name: Ezzi Single Farmer Nano Lot
・ Contents: 100g, 200g, 1kg
・ Production area: Abarat Village, Haraz District, Manakhah Town, Sana'a Province, Republic of Yemen 
・ Altitude: 2103m
・ Processing method: Natural (sun-dried)
・ Variety: Mocha Dawairi, Ja'adi (Ancient Typica)
・ Farmer: Ezzi Abarat (single farm / single origin)
・Roast Profile: Medium Roast

* You can choose from beans or ground coffee powder.

■ Shipping
We are keen about freshness, so we roast raw beans after the order.
Therefore, it takes a minimum of 3 days from ordering to shipping.
Please contact us if you are in a hurry.
We recommend to wait for the degassing period for the coffee to fully bloom with flavors. 
The typical time to wait is 7-10days after the date of roasting. 

■ Inquiries
Please use the form on the CONTACT page or call us (Japanese is acceptable).
[Telephone number] +81-70-4715-6351 (Reception hours 10: 00-18: 00, closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

We paid particular attention to the production area (farm) and freshness.
Enjoy Yemen's rare specialty coffee.

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