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Yemen Qaed Allobain Single Farmer (Green Beans)

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Talooq is a village in the city of Taiz in Yemen. Farmers in this village have taken care of the tree for hundreds of years, and planted it in the mountains terraces, and valley, as their main source of income. 

In the past when the port of mokha in Yemen used to operate, farmers of the village of Talooq used to export the coffee through the port to different countries around the world, after milling it and hand picking it with the traditional Yemen way using rocks, and deliver it using camels to the port. 

Since the farmers were caring about the coffee tree, from father to son. 

Then the Qat tree entered the village in the 1850’s where some farmers lost hope on coffee tree and started planting Qat. At that time Qat used to give more income than coffee, because of coffee brokers who buy the coffee from the farmer with very cheap prices. 

After that also the rain water was scarce because of desertification. Which resulted in reduction of production, and difficulty planting coffee trees and taking care of it. 

There are many difficulties facing the farmers of coffee in the village of Talooq.

  1. Counting on rain water when planting coffee, what Mocha Origins did was buying a water pump for pumping water from underground. 
  2. Not being able to sell their crop in the international market due to the political situation in Yemen. Which we in Mocha Origins are trying to fix by connecting the farmer with roasters. 

生産者:Qaed Allobain
乾燥 :天日乾燥+アフリカンベッド
クロップ年:2020/21 ニュークロップ 入港2021年11月
栽培 : 混植栽培(アーモンド等)
梱包 : 30kg+エコタクト
おすすめ焙煎度合い: ライト〜フルシティ

フレーバーノート:Caramel, Fruity, Coffee Liquor, Cascara, Honey 

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