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Who we are?

"In the depths of a Yemen coffee cup, I taste the resilience of a nation, the strength of its people, and the untold stories woven within. It reminds me of the untapped potential within ourselves and the world, waiting to be discovered and shared all around."

Co-founder, Mocha Origins


Tareq and Qusai. The brothers who started with the same vision.

Tareq, traveled to Japan as a university student in 2014, with the vision of revitalising the Yemen coffee industry and being the bridge between Yemen and South East Asia.

Qusai, started working in the coffee industry earlier in 2016, two years before the they founded the company. He works directly with the farmers of several cities in Yemen by providing them with consultation on how to improve their quality, and also connect them to international buyers.

Both Tareq and Qusai started Mocha Origins Project in Yemen with the same vision of revitalising the Yemen Coffee industry and export the finest quality of Yemen Coffee availabe.

Watch a documentary about Mocha Origins reported by NHK WORLD

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1- Support of small farmers comes first

We buy coffee from small farmers with limited resources and exposure, and market them abroad alongside the personal stories of these hardworking people. Even if the only produce 15kg annually, we strive to pay them fairly so that they can keep farming every year.

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2- SDGs Approach

We create new income opportunities for people involed in the coffee industry by discovering the value in things that have never been made as product, like Gishr (coffee dry husk).

3- Labor Support

By managing coffee by hand instead of relying on machines, we are working to improve quality and individual techneical skills; all while supporting those with few income opportunities who might not otherwise have a chance in life. We also work to support the environment through this process; all while maintaining an eco-friendly business.


In the project of Mocha Origins Yemen, we are very keen to produce and export the finest quality of Yemen Coffee that balances with the price of the product. All of our Nano Lots are riped cherries, fully handpicked after hulling, packed in Vacuum Packs of 15kg, to ensure to deliver the finest coffee from Yemen.

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Our vision is t revitalize the Yemen Coffee industry and to spread Yemen finest coffee all around the world. Yemen has been suffering due to the ongoing political conflict, which made it almost impossible for coffee buyers to enter Yemen for finding farmers and buying coffee. This effected the coffee industry in Yemen, not only farmers, but also all the people who work in the process of making coffee. Mocha Origins has the aim of spreading the Yemen Coffee with full tracability to all the farmers we are partnering with. The more farmers we partner with, the better the income becomes for farmers, picker, hand sourters, and packers. We are striving to spread the Yemen Coffee in every household and Cafe all around the world, and we will never stop the thrive.

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