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Yemen Fruits Chocolata Mocha DRIPPING BAGS

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 This coffee is recommended for those who want to try real mocha.

MOCHA ORIGINS coffee is now available in a single cup drip bag. Just put it on your cup, pour hot water, and you can enjoy authentic Yemeni coffee at home or at the office.

Now the coffee is available in easy to make dripping Bags with a great price per cup. 

■ Flavor
Roastd Almond

■ Product details
・ Product name: Yemen Fruits Chocolata Mocha
・ Production area: Bani Matar district, Republic of Yemen Haima
・ Altitude: 1,700-2,200m
・ Processing method: Natural (sun-dried)
・ Variety: Mocha Ja'adi, Dawairi, Udaini (Old Typica)
・ Farmer: Bani Matar Group Farmers (Single Origin)

■ Shipping
In case of ordering with other coffees, it will take 3 days for fresh Roasting per order. If ordered alone, it will shipped immediately after order. 

■ Inquiries
Please use the form on the CONTACT page or call us (English and Japanese is acceptable).
[Telephone number] +81-070-4715-6351 (Reception hours 10: 00-18: 00, closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

We paid particular attention to the production area (farm) and freshness.
Enjoy Yemen's rare specialty coffee.

Customer Reviews

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玲子 大坪

I gave the dripping bags to two of my friends, both of whom loved them. I enjoy drinking milk with cascara syrup, and I will give one of the bottle to my friend who lived in Yemen.